All Plans Include

Administrative Privileges on Databases

CockroachDB Version


Control Panel for Managed CockroachDB



Operating System for Managed CockroachDB

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Container Runtime


SSL Connection for CockroachDB on Kubernetes

Instance for CockroachDB Kubernetes


Backup Download Assistance for Managed CockroachDB Hosting

Database Migration Assistance for Managed CockroachDB Hosting

Fully Managed CockroachDB Hosting

24/7/365 Online Support

99.9% Uptime

Data Center Location

Dallas, Texas, USA

IP Ping

FTPS Service

Enable you to transfer large files securely and quickly.

Firewall Rules

Improve your instance security by allowing access only from trusted IPs.

Encrypted Connection

All data communications between the database server and web browsers are encrypted using SSL.

Additional CPU Core


Additional Memory


Additional Disk Space



Additional Backup Space



Package Upgrade


Package Downgrade


Software Upgrade


  • What CockroachDB version do you support?

    Currently, we support CockroachDB 20.1.1 only.
  • Does your managed CockroachDB support SSL connection?

    Yes. The SSL connection is enabled by default for each newly created CockroachDB database on our cheap CockroachDB hosting platform.
  • Do you do backups for my online CockroachDB database?

    Yes. Our CockroachDB Kubernetes platform takes backups for each database regularly. The backup frequency varies by hosting plan.
  • Can I take backups of my database in your cheap CockroachDB hosting?

    Yes. You can back up the databases via our CockroachDB hosting control panel and download them.
  • Do you have access limits to my CockroachDB databases in the cheap CockroachDB hosting service?

    No. We do not set limits on your access to the databases.
  • How can I manage my CockroachDB databases and users?

    You can manage databases and users in the control panel in our cheap CockroachDB hosting.
  • What cloud providers and regions do you support in your cheap CockroachDB hosting?

    We currently support the private cloud from our four data centers in Dallas, Bend, Charlotte, and Denver. We are building more data centers and will support most of the popular public cloud providers in more regions in the near future.
  • Can I monitor my CockroachDB database’s performance?

    Our CockroachDB Kubernetes control panel has comprehensive measurements for each single-node and multi-node CockroachDB. However, we don’t support real time performance monitoring.
  • Do you support CockroachDB cluster?

    Yes. In our cheap Cockroach hosting, HA CockroachDB plans are fully managed CockroachDB. Each cluster consists of 3 nodes.

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